June 22, 2021

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Renew or purchase PS Plus membership from Amazon at a cheaper price

Amazon is offering a good deal over Play Station Plus membership for PlayStation 4 owners who wish to enjoy multiplayer and online gaming. With 25% off on the yearly subscription, users can put their hands on the Play Station Plus membership and enjoy monthly free games from Sony.

As all PS4 owners know that PS Plus is required for online gaming and the usual price of the membership is $60 for a yearly subscription, Amazon is offering it in $45 thereby giving a 25% discount.

PS4 owners who are looking forward to subscribing to Play Station Plus can purchase the subscription code for $45 from Amazon, and the players who are not thinking to renew their membership can also think about the deal and take advantage of this deal.

Besides Amazon offering the attractive deal, PlayStation Store is also not behind and is selling 1-year PS Plus subscriptions for $45. This way, users will have the option to buy it either from Amazon or from the Play Station Store. Players purchasing the subscription from the store will have an advantage that they won’t have to input any codes to renew their subscription.

Apart from letting players play multiplayer and online mode, PS Plus subscriptions offer discounts on games now and then. PS Plus also provides two free monthly games to the users and make players purchase new games at a cheaper price. Though games on PS Plus are already less expensive than the market, the membership provides other offers too which makes the membership worth the price.

Talking about the PS4 exclusives and 2018’s biggest games like God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2, PS4 players can put their hands on them at an attractive price through PS Plus membership.

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